Feeling at Home in Ireland

Giant's Causeway

Visiting Ireland is like visiting a favorite relative. You feel immediately at home, assured of a warm welcome. The Irish are known for their hospital...


Iceland, Rugged Island on the Arctic Circle

Geyser Spirts Boiling Water Every 10-20 Minutes

Of the 55 countries I have visited, Iceland is in the top tier of countries that is a must-see. Iceland is geography and geology, with volcanoes, glac...


Ljubljana, Slovenia, The Best Place You Never Knew Existed

Lake Bled and Church of Annunciation

Most people will not know where Ljubljana is and that it is in the country of Slovenia. In our trip, we have been able to find relatively unknown citi...


Turin, Italy's Best Kept Secret

Royal Palace

If there is a city that should be on your bucket list, it's Turin. This northern Italian city is Italy's best secret. First, let's get the names right...


Lower Your Expectations | Rome Travel Trip

La Pieta

I hated our last visit to Rome. We got scammed, and the worse thing is, scamming seems to be a regular occurrence. So, here's our number one travel ti...


I Fulfilled My Number One Bucket List to Live in France, What's Next?

The Pieta

Coming back home to Atlanta, Georgia was a total bummer. If you saw someone being dragged kicking and screaming at CDG Airport in Paris, that was me!&...