Traipsing / Trāps'ing/

"to walk or travel about with or without a purpose." It a sense of skipping about from one place to another with anticipation of a discovery." This personal b-Log was created to share some experiences while traipsing around the globe.


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 Victorian House

5 Reasons Why Lake Michigan Beaches are the Best Kept Secret

Mackinac Island on Lake Michigan has, By Far, One of Best Kept Secret Beaches Making it a Perfect Weekend Getaway and Wonderful Travel Bucket List Addition

Roman Amphitheater

Why Avignon & Arles Should be on Your Bucket List!

Best One Day Trips to Avignon and Arles for Flavor of Provence in South of France

 Banaue Rice Terraces

What to Expect Mountain Trekking in the Philippines

Aboriginal Tribes Exist In These Remarkably Pristine Mountains, Where Tribes In Small Farms Continue Growing Rice On The Side Of Mountains In Beautiful Terraces

Clarissa Elzinga

We traipse not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


France Adventures