What to do When a 14-Day Cruise Trip to South America Goes Wrong

Princess Cruises

Our 14-day cruise trip to South America was doomed from the start. We arrived in Rio just after the New Year with so much excitement about being in an...


Bratislava, Before and After the Breakup

Bratislava Castle

​We arrived at the Bratislava train station, and we were disappointed. We saw the other half of the breakup of Czechoslovakia. Compared to Vienna and ...


Manila, A Hospitable Place in Southeast Asia

View of Manila Bay

Yes, Manila is urban sprawl. It's overpopulated, traffic is mayhem, and the weather is hot and humid. But, Manila is a hospitable place. People are fr...


Vienna, A City of Imperial Elegant

Schonbrun Palace

It is hard to imagine that this small country was once the center of power for more than 300 years. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is rich, elegant, ...


Taking Trains and Taxis in Budapest, Beware the Crazy Hungarian

Christmas Market

We took the train from Budapest to Prague, which was smooth, and first-class ticket prices were low. The train was a Czech train. It was older and not...


Prague, Beautiful City in the Czech Republic and Land of Bohemia

Old Town Square

Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic, the Land of Bohemia. Like Budapest, Prague was one of those cities hidden from the world since the e...