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How Fledgling Eastern Europe is Emerging

In the Former Czechoslovakia

To get a good understanding of Eastern Europe, watch A History of Eastern Europe in the Great Courses series that you can find in Amazon Prime. It is ...


How to Get Around the Best French City of Lyon

View of Lyon on the Fourviere With Family

If you are in the hunt for an alternative to Paris on your next trip to France, check out Lyon. It is not a top of mind city in France, but it could b...


Our Four Days in Eclectic but Gritty Barcelona

Port Vell

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world. This fact becomes evident as soon as you step off the train.&nb...


Taking Trains and Taxis in Budapest, Beware the Crazy Hungarian

Christmas Market

We took the train from Budapest to Prague, which was smooth, and first-class ticket prices were low. The train was a Czech train. It was older and not...


Prague, Beautiful City in the Czech Republic and Land of Bohemia

Old Town Square

Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic, the Land of Bohemia. Like Budapest, Prague was one of those cities hidden from the world since the e...


Grand City on the Danube, Budapest is One of the Best Capitals of Europe

Budapest Parliament on the Danube

Hidden from the world for decades under the Soviet Block, this gem of a city is the Grande Dame of the Danube; and is easily one of the best capi...

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