Posts from my visit through Asia


Miniloc, An Amazing Island Resort Adventure

Limestone Cliffs

Our vacation to the island resort of Miniloc was my best vacation. The island is in the middle of nowhere, and is one of 7,100 island archipelago...


Why Visit New Taipei? It is Everything That is Not China

Longshan Temple

Taipei was never on my top bucket list destinations.  I had impressions of a little bigger China Town, packed with people and a little messy.&nbs...


New Taipei is Foodie Haven with New Spin to Chinese Cuisine

Night Market

Can Chinese cooking transcend the traditional moo goo gai pan, sweet and sour pork? New Taipei, Asia's food haven, is taking the traditional out of th...


What to Expect Mountain-Trekking in the Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces

There are many beaches in this country of 7100 islands, and some of them are world-renowned. Some of my best beach vacations have been in the Philippi...


First Time in Southeast Asia

Taal Volcano Philippines

If it is your first trip to Southeast Asia, it could be a culture shock for you. I took my husband, a wholesome Midwest American several years af...


A First Visit to Exotic Bangkok, Temples and Massage Parlors

Buddha Temple in Ayutthaya

Bangkok is an exotic place.  It is an urban jungle with very little greenspace.  You can feel the heat from the concrete that has no ro...

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