Posts from my visit through South America. 


Discovering South America's History in a Nutshell, What Went Wrong?

Brazil, South America

Discovering South America is finding a continent so rich in natural resources and so diverse that you can't help but wonder, what went wrong...


Santiago, Chile, An Andes Destination to Discover

Strait of Magellan

You can't be but impressed by the backdrop of the Andes around Santiago, Chile. It's beautiful. I can imagine the beautiful vista in the early spring ...


What to do When a 14-Day Cruise Trip to South America Goes Wrong

Princess Cruises

Our 14-day cruise trip to South America was doomed from the start. We arrived in Rio just after the New Year with so much excitement about being in an...


Enjoy Exciting Rio But Be Cautious and Keep a Low Profile

Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro is larger than life with iconic sights and fabulous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. We were in Rio to start our cruise around South ...


Buenos Aires, Paris Elegance in South America

Sultry Tango

​You will have mixed feelings about Buenos Aires. The city was once called the Paris of South America with the wide boulevards and the French mansions...

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