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Bratislava, Before and After the Breakup

Bratislava Castle

​We arrived at the Bratislava train station, and we were disappointed. We saw the other half of the breakup of Czechoslovakia. Compared to Vienna and ...


Five Things to Know How the Small Grand Duchy Became Rich Luxembourg

Historical Landmark circa 900s

This Grand Duchy is the #28 smallest country in the world by total area. Luxembourg is a small country squeezed between Germany, France and Belgi...


Eight Must Do's in Visiting Strasbourg and Alsace Wine Country

Strasbourg Cathedral

​We hoped our attempt at visiting Strasbourg and the Alsace Wine Country would be successful. We had booked a trip last December to see the Christmas ...


Visit Brittany, Unique Celtic France on its Northwest Coast

Sainte-Anne Square

​On the northwest coast of France is Brittany or Bretagne in French. This part of France is Celtic, and the Celtic French are unique and have a distin...

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