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Turin, Italy's Best Kept Secret

Royal Palace
If there is a city that should be on your bucket list, it's Turin. This northern Italian city is Italy's best secret. First, let's get the names right...

Lower Your Expectations | Rome Travel Trip

La Pieta
I hated our last visit to Rome. We got scammed, and the worse thing is, scamming seems to be a regular occurrence. So, here's our number one travel ti...

Best French City of Lyon, An Elegant Paris Alternative

Largest Mural in Europe in Croix-Rousse
Lyon is not a top of mind city in France. It has the elegance of Paris, but without the attitude. This city of the Lyonnais gourmand can rack up Miche...

Visiting the Old Country of Friesland, What We Learned

Grazing Helps Maintain the the Earth Atop the Dike
Our ancestry tour of the "old country," Friesland, is a picture of humble beginnings that belies the perseverance and ingenuity of the Frisians in the...
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Guest — Deborah Brown
My great great grandfather Hemke is Klaas's brother, it was so exciting to read more about the Elzinga family. My grandma was an E... Read More
Monday, 09 November 2020 15:12

Vienna, A City of Imperial Elegant

Schonbrun Palace
It is hard to imagine that this small country was once the center of power for more than 300 years. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is rich, elegant, ...

Dijon, France is More than Just About the Mustard

Les Ducs de Bourgogne
When you tell someone you've been to Dijon in France, the next question predictably, is that the mustard?  Dijon is the historic home of the...

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